No More Coffee - hemp protein bar with peanuts and guarana in dark chocolate (1 pc.)


Each of the H Drop protein bars plays a special role in our fast-paced days.

No More Coffee - vegan hemp seed protein bars with guarana that will give you energy for the rest of the day.

In addition, these bars are rich in fiber (as much as 18%) and plant-based protein (as much as 24%), so it is a great helper for a healthy and balanced diet.

The taste will especially appeal to those who like peanuts or peanut butter and a pleasant crunch in the mouth.

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Hungary 10 EUR / <3 working days
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Italy 8 EUR / <3 working days
Latvia 8 EUR / <2 working days
Lithuania 3 EUR / <2 working days
Luxembourg 6 EUR / 2-3 working days
Netherlands 6 EUR / <1 working day
Poland 8 EUR / <3 working days
Portugal 10 EUR / <3 working days
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Slovenia 10 EUR / <3 working days
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Sweden 10 EUR / <3 working days

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5. The returned items shall be placed into an additional protective packaging (intended for transportation) (ex.: a box or protective envelope).
6. The money back guarantee applies only once per person and does not apply to legal entities.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I didn't expect it to taste so good! Perfect texture. I highly recommend :)


These bars are SOMETHING like that - amazing texture, great taste! Perfect with morning coffee, instead of breakfast, I feel full until lunch. The best of the many tested vegan bars. Top recommendations! :)

How good!

I understand that protein bars are usually very sweet, with such a fake taste, well, if they are tastier, the composition is poor or the price is inadequate. These are everything you could want from this type of bar - tasty (a very important aspect), good composition, raspberries add crunch, pleasantly refreshing, not too sweet, taste 10/10.

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