Cannabites - Bundle of all tastes (60pc x3)

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Freeze dried fruits are a superfood and hemp is a superplant.

So why not combine those?

This set contains the benefits of 0,5kg of strawberries, 0,4kg of bananas, 0,4kg of pineapples and 900mg of hemp active ingredients, helping you to harmonise your daily routine in a natural way.

Cannabites functional snack is a healthy and tasty alternative to CBD gummies, oils and capsules. However, just as effective! 

The bundle includes:
- 1x Cannabites - Freeze Dried Strawberry Snack with Hemp Flowers (60pc, 300mg)
- 1x Cannabites - Freeze Dried Banana Snack with Hemp Flowers (60pc, 300mg)
- 1x Cannabites - Freeze Dried Pineapples Snack with Hemp Flowers (60pc, 300mg)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sweet sleep

Using CBD, I fall asleep much easier and when I wake up at night, I also fall back asleep very easily, which would not have happened without trying your oil. I highly recommend it to anyone who has difficulty falling asleep or feels anxious. I'm also going to try pet CBD oil for my dog, who has a lot of outdoor fears, before the "bombshell" season. 😁

CBD 1500 mg

I recommend it. It has worked for sleep quality, anxiety and stress. Just give yourself time to find the right dose and time of day. I'm glad!


Fast delivery. High quality product

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