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Hemp. Help. Health.

The mission of H Drop is to bring peace of mind and body to the lives of modern world’s people.

How do we work on that?


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Produced in pharma-level facilities in Europe

Story of H Drop

H Drop story dates back to the end of 19th century, when our ancestor Rochus Sliupas started his medical practice fighting cholera and tuberculosis outbreaks.

He later served as a medic in World Wars I-II, during interwar establishing one of the first Red Cross units in Northern Europe. 

His great-grandson, also Rochus Sliupas, continues the ancestor's mission, helping those who need special care of their wellbeing.

Rochus Jr. found out the secrets of great natural cannabis products when his mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer.

The green products seemed to be a great treat while bringing back the peace of her mind and body.

Rochus soon realized that hemp might be something to tackle broader spectrum of modern world‘s problems.

Biotechnology from organic fields

Our hemp flowers are grown in organic fields of Europe.

They are then dried, extracted in CO2 supercritical fluid equipment and finally distillated in a pharma-level biochemistry laboratory.

Each harvest of hemp can accumulate different amount of cannabinoids potential, depending on seed quality, growing period, soil and amount of sun.

Therefore, we test each batch in a 3rd party laboratory to make sure every single product contains a stable quantity of active ingredients.

Our team

H Drop was established by two co-founders: Rochus (taking care of raw materials, manufacturing, quality assurance and logistics) and Vladas (taking care of product development, sales, marketing and finance).

At the time of this writing our team already consists of over 15 colleagues. Or friends, to be more precise. 

We are especially proud being able to integrate people with autism disorder and hair-impairment to our team. Approximately 1/4 of our employees are special - in a good way. For most of them, H Drop is the first stable workplace in their lifetime.

Planet and people friendly

Caring for planet earth is not just a slogan - that is in our blood. 

Even though we cannot sacrifice product safety, as many as possible materials in our manufacturing and logistics are recyclable or degradeable.

The packaging is also readable by visually impaired customers. In the image below you can see a Braille alphabet specialist testing the print of Braille on our boxes. 

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